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Denise on embracing your inner homebody

Claim a small corner just for you to read, journal, or enjoy a cup of coffee. Make this space your own by keeping a cozy blanket and favorite pillow close by.  You can also create a vibe in any room of your home by dimming the lights and diffusing your favorite scent. 

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Denise on her reset rituals

When I get that need-to-reset feeling, I love slipping into the sauna or hot shower for a steam. I add eucalyptus oil to relieve tension. Then I’ll do a handful of yoga stretches/poses. I also love stepping outside and sitting in the sun for ten minutes. It’s remarkable how doing that can immediately alter your mood. 

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Denise on the joy of coziness

Cozying up with my family brings joy to my heart. I love it when I find beautiful loungewear pieces that give me that warm and cuddly feeling. I’m loving the Pure Cashmere Collection because I can wear them comfortably while playing with the kids and still jump on a video call without having to change. 

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Nancy on the importance of breathing

Every day starts the same way for me now as when I was dancing professionally. I make sure to start all of my workouts with breathing techniques to ensure that I am not contributing to unconscious tension patterns. 

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Nancy on giving your water a boost

My first drink of the day is a big bottle of water with pink Himalayan salt and lemon for my own version of an electrolyte beverage. It keeps me hydrated, gives me energy, and fills my body with minerals. 

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Nancy on bath time rituals

We all need some quiet time. For some people, that could be reading a book or going for a walk. For me, it’s taking a bath. Taking a warm bath is one of my favorite ways to unwind. (I even like to read or listen to a podcast while soaking in the tub.) 

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